Whitewater Rafting
Whitewater Rafting

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Get Your Whitewater Rafting Gear At Factory Outdoor

Take Your Whitewater Rafting Adventures To The Next Level!

Factory Outdoor of Glenwood Springs is your headquarters for all of your whitewater gear and accessories. With an experienced team that knows the whitewater of Glenwood Springs and the Roaring Fork Valley, you will walk away with all the gear you need for a fun season in the water!

Make your next whitewater rafting adventure the best when you partner with Factory Outdoor today!

Quality Brands To Level Up Your Whitewater Rafting Trips

Unrivaled Rapids Nestled In The Roaring Fork Valley

Glenwood Springs is on the map for one-of-a-kind hot springs, amazing fly fishing, unbeatable skiing, etc. — essentially it’s the mecca for the Colorado outdoors, and that includes some world-class whitewater rapids. 

Whether you have your first whitewater tripped planned or you’re a seasoned pro, Factory Outdoor supports all the paddlers with our broad collection of whitewater rafting apparel, gear, and accessories. 

From helmets and dry bags to PFDs, the thrill of the water begins with the right equipment. 


A helmet is a core component of your whitewater setup — safety first! The goal is always to stay inside the raft, but adventure happens! Between rushing water and twirling water bends, if you go overboard, it’s integral to wear a helmet to protect your head from rocks.

Factory Outdoor retails whitewater rafting helmets that can be used for all your river excursions. Stop in today and get properly fitted for a helmet and get a few rafting pointers from those who know the water best — Glenwood Springs locals!

Personal Flotation Device (PFD)

A PFD is another whitewater rafting must before you get on the river. Many times you can rent them, but if you’re under the trance of the rapids and are out on the water, investing in a quality and high-performing PFD is integral.

A PFD is designed for more movement that you need while battling class IV rapids and provide the buoyancy you need to come back to the surface, if you get knocked out.

Need help choosing a PFD that’s ideal for your boat life? Factory Outdoor has you covered!

Get The Whitewater Rafting You Need With Factory Outdoor

While your skills and knowledge of the water are being tested, know you’re protected with the best whitewater rafting gear that keeps you safe when you encounter the rapids!  

Shop whitewater rafting helmets, PFDs, apparel, and accessories with Factory Outdoor in Glensprings today!

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