Embark on an exploration of Colorado’s rich hunting landscape with Factory Outdoor Outlet, your trusted outdoor store since 1978. With decades of experience serving outdoor enthusiasts, we’re excited to unveil the diverse and exhilarating world of hunting opportunities that await in the rugged terrains of Colorado. Join us as we delve into the most popular types of hunting adventures catered to every outdoor passion and expertise level.

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Big Game Hunting

Colorado’s vast wilderness and diverse ecosystems make it a haven for big game hunters. Whether you’re pursuing majestic elk in the Rocky Mountains or tracking elusive mule deer through the forests, the thrill of the chase is unparalleled. At Factory Outdoor Outlet, we offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality ammo, optics, and camouflage gear to ensure you’re fully prepared for your next big game adventure.

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Upland Bird Hunting

The open fields and prairies of Colorado provide the perfect backdrop for upland bird hunting enthusiasts. From flushing pheasants to covey rises of quail, the state offers abundant opportunities for wing shooting. Factory Outdoor Outlet stocks a wide range of scopes and hunting apparel designed to enhance your upland bird hunting experience and maximize your success in the field.

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Waterfowl Hunting

In Colorado, waterfowl hunting is a rewarding experience. Our state offers opportunities to pursue iconic species like mallards and majestic geese. At Factory Outdoor Outlet, we understand the importance of being prepared for the hunt. That’s why we offer a comprehensive selection of equipment tailored for a successful waterfowl season, ensuring you’re ready for every outing.

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Small Game Hunting

For those seeking a more leisurely hunting experience, Colorado’s forests and grasslands offer abundant opportunities for small game hunting. Whether you’re pursuing cottontail rabbits or squirrels, the state’s diverse landscapes promise exciting hunts for hunters of all skill levels. Factory Outdoor Outlet offers a range of gear and hunting accessories tailored to small game pursuits, ensuring you’re ready for your next adventure.


Colorado’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife make it a premier destination for hunters. Whether you’re chasing big game in the mountains or stalking upland birds in the fields, Factory Outdoor Outlet has everything you need to embark on your next hunting expedition. Visit us today and gear up for adventure!

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