The Best Gear to Pack for Camping

Camping is a great way to get out and explore nature, but it’s important to make sure you’re prepared before heading out. Whether you’re going for a weekend or an extended trip, having the right gear is essential to maximize your experience and safety. Here at Factory Outdoor Outlet in Glenwood Springs, we know that packing for camping can be overwhelming. Visit our store today for guidance on the best gear to pack for camping, and read on to learn more.


A tent is the cornerstone of any camping trip. It’s important to make sure you get the tent that’s right for you and your group. Make sure to consider the size, weight, and type of tent you need for your trip. If you’re camping in a wet area, look for a waterproof tent. If you’re planning a longer stay, consider a more spacious tent with more than one door.

Sleeping Gear

Once you’ve got your tent all set up, it’s time to think about sleeping bags and pads. Synthetic sleeping bags are lightweight and warm and a great option for any camping trip. If you’re camping in cold temperatures, look for a down sleeping bag, which will keep you warm and comfortable. Sleeping pads are also a great way to add extra cushioning and insulation to your sleeping area.

Camping Kitchen

For your camping kitchen, you’ll want items that can be used to store and prepare food. Essential items include a camp stove, cookware, utensils, and food storage containers. For convenience and ease, you may also want to bring a cooler to store food. 

Other Essentials

In addition to the basic camping gear, there are other essentials you should consider packing. Bring extra layers of clothing, a flashlight, a first aid kit, and insect repellent. Don’t forget about the entertainment either — bring along a book, a deck of cards, or a game you can all enjoy around the campfire.

Whether you’re a first-time camper or an experienced outdoorsman, packing the right gear is essential for an enjoyable camping experience. At Factory Outdoor Outlet in Glenwood Springs, we have all the camping gear you need to make your next camping trip a success. From sleeping bags and tents to camping stoves and chairs, we’ve got it all. Stop by and let us help you prepare for your next outdoor adventure.

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man hunting

Essential Gear for the Novice Hunter

Embarking on your first hunting adventure is like stepping into the unknown — it can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. The vast array of requisite gear can leave you feeling overwhelmed. But don’t let the unknown scare you, at Factory Outdoor Outlet, we’re here to guide you through the wilderness of hunting gear and equip you with the essentials for a successful hunt. Just like a compass guides a traveler through unknown territory, let us be your compass and guide you through the world of hunting gear. Read on to learn more and visit our shop today!

Quality Hunting Rifles

Our outdoor store in Glenwood Springs offers a wide selection of reliable and accurate rifles and shotguns that are perfect for any type of hunting. Whether you’re hunting big game or small game, having a reliable and accurate rifle or shotgun is essential for a successful hunt. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through the options and help you find the perfect rifle or shotgun that is comfortable to hold and easy to use.

A Good Hunting Knife

A hunting knife is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as skinning and gutting game, preparing food, and making shelter. At Factory Outdoor Outlet, we have a wide selection of knives with sturdy blades that are easy to sharpen and comfortable handles that will provide a secure grip.


Spotting and tracking game can be challenging without a good pair of binoculars. We have a diverse range of binoculars available, all featuring a minimum magnification of 8x and a broad field of vision. This will allow you to easily spot game from a distance, and keep an eye on it as it moves.

Hunting Jacket

A hunting jacket is an essential piece of gear for staying warm and dry while out in the field. Our outdoor clothing store in Glenwood Springs has a wide range of hunting and hiking apparel that are designed to keep you warm in cold weather, and are made from durable and breathable materials. Look for a jacket with a hood or a collar that can be zipped up to keep the wind and rain out, and that has multiple pockets for storing your hunting essentials.

At Factory Outdoor Outlet, we have been outfitting outdoor enthusiasts in the Glenwood Springs area for more than three decades. Remember to always check state regulations, carry all required licenses before going hunting, be aware of your surroundings, use caution, and be prepared for any situation. Happy hunting!

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4 Hunting Must-Haves From Factory Outdoor

Are you ready to start hunting in Colorado? If so, then you’re going to need the right gear for success. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced hunter, there are some essential items that you need to have in your arsenal. At Factory Outdoor, we want to make sure you have what you need; that’s why we’re sharing four hunting must-haves below. Keep reading to learn more, then stop in to shop hunting gear, supplies, and accessories today.



Binoculars are essential for any hunting excursion. Whether you’re scouting for game or tracking a specific animal, having a pair of binoculars with you can make all the difference. Binoculars come in a variety of sizes and styles, so it’s important to find a pair that fits your needs and budget. Look for binoculars with a high-quality lens and a comfortable grip.

hunting knife

A Knife

A knife is another must-have item for any hunter. Whether you’re skinning an animal or just need to cut some rope, having a knife on hand can be a lifesaver. Our advice is to choose a knife that offers a comfortable grip and a sharp, durable blade. A folding knife is a great option for hunters who need to save space in their packs.


A Compass

When you need to be certain you know where you are, nothing beats a compass. While GPS systems are great for navigation, a compass can be invaluable in a pinch. A compass with a mirror feature can also be helpful for signaling in an emergency situation.

gun ammo


Finally, no hunting excursion would be complete without the right ammunition. Whether you’re using a rifle, shotgun, or bow and arrow, make sure you have the right type of ammo for your weapon of choice.

Factory Outdoor is here to make sure you have everything you need before heading out on your next hunting trip. We strive to be the go-to hunting store for all of your hunting gear in Glenwood Springs, so make a list of the things you need, stop in and pick up hunting supplies at Factory Outdoor, then enjoy your next hunt!

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Voted Glenwood Springs’ Best Outdoor Store

Factory Outdoor Outlet is proud to announce that we’ve been voted Glenwood Springs’ Best Outdoor Store. We offer everything you could want and need for all your outdoor adventures near Glenwood Springs, from hunting gear and sporting goods to camping, hiking, and fishing equipment. Learn what makes us the best outdoor store in Glenwood Springs, and stop by today!

Huge Selection of Outdoor Gear

One of the things that makes Factory Outdoor Outlet stand out from the crowd is our huge selection of merchandise geared towards the outdoors. From outdoor clothing for men and women to footwear, eyewear, tools, and so much more, we’ve got whatever you need at our outdoor store.

Family-Owned & Operated

Our best outdoor store has been owned and operated by the same family for more than three decades. This gives us the knowledge to help you find exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to the outdoors and sports.

Army Surplus Store

Factory Outdoor Outlet offers a wide variety of military surplus gear and clothing at great discounts to fit your budget. From tools and name tags to tactical equipment, jackets, and camouflage, if you are looking for useful and functional items, odds are, you’ll find it here.

Friendly Customer Service

Perhaps the biggest reason (and the most important to us) that we were voted Glenwood Springs’ Best Outdoor Store is because of our friendly and helpful customer service. We take pride in ensuring you have everything you need for your outdoor adventure. Our staff can offer you great advice and expertise on what you’ll need and point you in the right direction for which of our high-quality products will meet that need.


You truly have to experience our best outdoor and sporting goods store for yourself here in Glenwood Springs. Stop by Factory Outdoor Outlet today!

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Why Shop Factory Outdoor?

When it comes to shopping for outdoor sporting goods, there’s no better place than Factory Outdoor in Glenwood Springs! We are a local sporting goods shop, dedicated to providing our customers with the best hunting clothes, tactical equipment, and outdoor gear around. We have everything you need to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors! Here are a few reasons why you should shop at Factory Outdoor.

Locally-Owned and Operated Since 1978

Factory Outdoor is a family-owned and operated business, and we’ve been serving the Glenwood Springs community since 1978. We know the importance of customer service, and we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible shopping experience.

Save Money at Our Surplus Store

Our sporting goods shop is the perfect place to find what you need at a fraction of the cost. Since we are an outdoor sporting goods surplus store, we have plenty of inventory available that we sell at discounted prices. 

Large Selection of Outdoor Equipment

We carry a large selection of outdoor equipment and clothing, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. Whether you’re shopping for clothes for an upcoming hiking expedition or gear for a fishing excursion, we’ve got you covered!

We Carry All of the Most Popular Brands

At Factory Outdoor, we carry all of the most popular outdoor brands. From Carhartt and Oakley to Columbia and Teva, everyone will be able to find what they need to outfit themselves for their next outdoor adventure.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop by Factory Outdoor in Glenwood Springs, Colorado today — you’ll see why we’re the best place to get all of your outdoor sporting goods and clothes! We look forward to seeing you soon.

A family with two children hiking

Visiting Glenwood Springs? Stop By Factory Outdoor

Don’t miss Factory Outdoor the next time you’re in Glenwood Springs! Whether you’re looking for gear for your next outdoor adventure or just some new sporting goods, we have everything you need. Plus, our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help. So check us out the next time you’re in town — you won’t be disappointed!



A man holding a fish he caught in his kayak

Your Next Outdoor Adventure Start Here

The beautiful Glenwood Springs has a variety of nearby hiking trails and activities that you must experience. Although it’s important to have the necessary equipment to keep yourself and others safe. Before you start your next adventure, remember to stop by our store to get all that you will need!


A woman wearing an insulated jacket and a hat

We Offer Great Deals on Top-Brand Clothing

Even if you make a quick stop, you won’t have to worry about whether we carry the right brand or not. We carry a variety of clothing pieces you’ll need for any and all outdoor adventures. From men’s and women’s clothing to footwear. We will make sure you are properly suited for all the fun!


A man in outdoor gear walking across a bridge

Knowledgeable Staff

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the perfect gear for your next adventure. We can help you choose the right clothing and footwear for your specific activity, as well as answer any questions you may have about our products.


Three campers sitting outside their tent

Top-Quality Gear For All Seasons

Factory Outdoor is the perfect place to gear up for your next outdoor adventure. whether you’re looking for new or gently used items, we have what you need to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Our most popular products include sporting goods, camping equipment, eyewear, tools, and surplus.


Factory Outdoor in Glenwood Springs is the perfect place to stock up on sporting goods and gear for your next outdoor adventure. With a huge selection of merchandise and knowledgeable staff, Factory Outdoor has everything you need to make your next trip a success. Stop by today and get the gear you need!

Why Shop Factory Outdoor for Camping Gear

Looking for a one-stop shop for camping gear and sporting goods in Glenwood Springs? Look no further than Factory Outdoor. We have everything you need to make your outdoor adventure a success, including camping gear, hiking gear, and more. In this blog post, we will be discussing four reasons to shop Factory Outdoor for all of your camping gear needs! Keep reading to learn more and get the camping gear you need today!



We Carry All of the Most Popular Brands

One of the reasons Factory Outdoor is the best place to shop for camping gear is because we carry all of the most popular brands. This includes brands like Patagonia, North Face, Columbia, and more. No matter what kind of camping gear you are looking for, we have you covered with all of the leading brands.


Wide Variety of Camping Gear

Another reason to shop Factory Outdoor for camping gear is that we have a wide variety of gear to choose from. This includes everything from tents and sleeping bags to ponchos and folding chairs. No matter what kind of camping gear you need, we have a great selection for you to choose from.


Save Money With Factory Outdoor

Did you also know that by shopping at Factory Outdoor, you can save money? This is because we are a surplus store and sell everything at competitive prices so you can save money on your gear and have more to go towards your next camping adventure. No matter what kind of camping gear you need, you are sure to find the best deals at Factory Outdoor.


Knowledgable Staff

When you shop at Factory Outdoor, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best possible service. This is because our staff is knowledgeable and helpful. They are more than happy to answer any questions you have about camping gear or the area and can help you find the perfect gear for your next adventure.


Looking for camping gear or sporting goods in Glenwood Springs? We have everything you need to make your next outdoor adventure a success. So, what are you waiting for? Get the camping gear you need from Factory Outdoor today!

Looking for Outdoor Gear for Less? Shop Factory Outdoor

Colorado is the epicenter of outdoor adventure. From whitewater rafting to beautiful mountain hikes, and even scenic camping, the great outdoors of Colorado has endless opportunities for memory-making experiences. When partaking in these outdoor adventures, having the right gear is key! At Factory Outdoor, we believe that the cost of outdoor gear shouldn’t keep people from living their best, most adventurous life. We are your go-to outdoor sporting goods store located right here in Glenwood Springs! We carry a wide variety of high-quality, top-brand outdoor gear for any occasion, but less! Start shopping for your next adventure today!

Locally Owned & Operated

For more than three decades, Pat Long and his family have owned and operated Factory Outdoor to provide individuals with excellent outdoor gear options for less than competitors. We carry a variety of gear from clothing, footwear, eyewear, camping gear, surplus, and more!

Top Brands at a Great Price

At Factory Outdoors we only carry the best brands at affordable prices:

  • Sorel
  • Merrell
  • Smartwool 
  • Carhartt
  • Columbia
  • Oakley
  • Yeti
  • Camelbak
  • And more!

Stop by and see for yourself!

Types Of Gear

We take pride in offering a variety of gear for different types of outdoor activities including: 

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Fishing 
  • Whitewater rafting 
  • Hunting 
  • And more!

We also carry a variety of tactical and military surplus goods.

Knowledgeable Staff

Being locally owned and operated has its advantages! Kenny Swartz, our store manager, has lived in Glenwood Springs his whole life and brings knowledgeable information to our whole team. Whether it is your first time camping in the Colorado mountains or you are an experienced hiker looking to upgrade your gear, our highly-trained, knowledgeable staff is here to help!

Adventures are meant to last a lifetime, not cost you a whole lifetime of working to pay for the gear for the adventure! Factory Outdoor makes any adventure possible with great prices on top brands of outdoor gear. Stop by and save today!

Four Reasons to Stop By and Shop Factory Outdoor

Visiting Glenwood Springs? Factory Outdoor calls this gem of Colorado home and we are here to offer everything you may be looking for on your next adventure! We believe everyone deserves to experience the Colorado outdoors safely and in style. Stop on in to see us on your next visit!!

man climbing rocks

Locally-owned and Operated Since 1978

Located in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, Factory Outdoor is right at home next to some of the greatest natural treasures Colorado has to offer. Being locally owned and operated means that the products you buy are tried and trusted by a community that knows them best. By purchasing your equipment with us, you are contributing to the needs of our community to maintain the fun natural activities that brought you to us. 

hiking backpack

Large Selection of Outdoor Equipment

We all experience the outdoors in different ways and we as a team want to be sure that you are prepared to do so with all of the right equipment. Our online selection has everything you need from hiking and camping to more extreme adventures like our well-known white water rafting. Visit our outdoor equipment tab and explore all our departments for just the right stuff you’re looking for!

hiking gear

We Carry Most Popular Brands

No one wants to visit a shop only to find outdated and knock-off brands with poor material. We as a team at Factory Outdoor are proud to provide you with a wide selection of all the most popular brands no matter the product you are looking for. Bringing you a simple one-stop shop for outdoor fashion and equipment.  

camping gear

Surplus Store Savings

With seasons always changing and shipments constantly coming, we are able to provide you with surplus store savings. Our store offers valuable knowledge about the area and the leading merchandise to all customers that come through the door. We have mastered finding the right equipment for the right price making sure our customers are leaving happy. 

From head to toe, Factory Outdoor has you covered with all of your outdoor activity needs. We promote unforgettable adventure and lifetime memories and we want to be sure you are equipped to safely and successfully accomplish every outdoor venture.